Modern Sofa Sets in Industrial, Leather, and Mid-Century styles for your Home and Office

As the primary focus for any living space or common area, a mid-century modern sofa is the one piece of furniture that needs consideration. If you’re searching for a new industrial style sofa or a brand new sofa sectional with a modern look, Industry West has a collection of sofas of all styles. Available in individual pieces or modern sofa sets to suit anyone. Come explore Industry West’s collection of mid-century modern sofas and sofa sets and find your picturesque sofa.

49 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Industry West Boucle Sofa
    Boucle Sofa
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  3. Hew Sofa
    Hew Sofa
  4. Industry West Plume Sofa
    Plume Sofa
  5. Pocket Sofa Tall
    Pocket Sofa Tall
  6. Bale Sofa
    Bale Sofa
  7. Pocket Sofa
    Pocket Sofa
  8. McQueen Sofa
    McQueen Sofa
  9. Industry West Finch Sofa
    Finch Sofa
  10. Industry West Weekend Sofa
    Weekend Sofa
  11. Industry West Dune Sofa
    Dune Sofa
  12. Loom Sofa Left Angle
    Loom Sofa Left Angle
  13. Loom Sofa Right End Piece
    Loom Sofa Right End Piece
  14. Loom Sofa Corner Piece
    Loom Sofa Corner Piece
  15. Loom Sofa Ottoman
    Loom Sofa Ottoman
  16. Loom Sofa Left End Piece
    Loom Sofa Left End Piece
  17. Loom Sofa Right Angle
    Loom Sofa Right Angle
  18. Finland Sofa
    Finland Sofa
  19. Industry West Emma Sofa
    Emma Sofa
  20. Loom Sofa Mid Piece
    Loom Sofa Mid Piece
  21. Wren Round Corner Sofa
    Wren Round Corner Sofa
  22. Wren Two Seater Sofa
    Wren Two Seater Sofa
  23. Industry West Hero Sofa
    Hero Sofa
  24. Loke Sofa
    Loke Sofa
  25. Cane Sofa
    Cane Sofa
  26. Hem Sofa
    Hem Sofa
  27. Loom Modular Sofa
    Loom Modular Sofa
  28. Wren Three Seater Sofa
    Wren Three Seater Sofa
  29. Wren Corner Sofa
    Wren Corner Sofa
  30. Wren One Seater Sofa
    Wren One Seater Sofa
  31. Industry West Soren Sofa
    Soren Sofa

49 Items

Set Descending Direction