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Shop a selection of modern outdoor furniture and outdoor dining furniture perfect for any patio. Commercial orders available. Buy now or call 888-867-4202.

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Shop a selection of modern furniture perfect for any patio or outdoor dining space.

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  1. Industry West Holi Bar Stool
    Holi Bar Stool
  2. Industry West Spence Chair
    Spence Chair
    Regular Price $340 Special Price $306
  3. Monaco Bar Chair
    Monaco Bar Chair
  4. Industry West Marais AC Chair
    Marais AC Chair
  5. Monaco Side Chair
    Monaco Side Chair
  6. Industry West Outo Side Chair
    Outo Side Chair
  7. Industry West JOI Twentyfour Chair
    JOI Twentyfour Chair
  8. Industry West Lucy Counter Stool
    Lucy Counter Stool
  9. Monaco Counter Stool
    Monaco Counter Stool
  10. Industry West Punch Chair
    Punch Chair
  11. Industry West Rimrow Bar Stool
    Rimrow Bar Stool
  12. Industry West Holi Side Chair
    Holi Side Chair
  13. Monaco Counter Chair
    Monaco Counter Chair
  14. Industry West Lucy Side Chair in Aluminum
    Lucy Side Chair
  15. Industry West Toou JOI Chair
    JOI Twenty Chair
  16. Industry West Lucy Bar Stool
    Lucy Bar Stool
  17. Monaco Bar Stool
    Monaco Bar Stool
  18. Industry West Punch Bar Stool
    Punch Bar Stool
  19. Industy West Paheko Table Stool
    Paheko Table Stool
  20. Industry West Holi Counter Stool
    Holi Counter Stool
  21. Nomad Chair
    Nomad Chair
  22. Industry West Marais A Side Chair
    Marais A Side Chair
    Regular Price $185 Special Price $167
  23. Marais Bar Stool
    Marais Bar Stool
  24. Industry West Outo Lounge Chair
    Outo Lounge Chair
  25. Suzy Side Chair
    Suzy Side Chair
  26. Industry West Scout Bar Stool
    Scout Bar Stool
  27. White Stellar Chair: Stackable Monoblock Plastic Simple School Chair
    Stellar Chair
    Regular Price $200 Special Price $180
  28. Industry West Rimrow Chair
    Rimrow Chair
  29. Industry West Holi Armchair
    Holi Armchair

37 Items

Set Descending Direction