New Mid Century, Modern, and Industrial Furniture for Your Home and Office (test)

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and roll with the latest in mid-century modern furniture, be sure to check out the newest and freshest pieces from Industry West. From relaxing with your family in the living room to finding pieces that fit perfectly at a hot new startup, furniture with a modern or even chic retro look will fit right in.

46 Items

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  1. Industry West Stacker Bar Stool
    Stacker Bar Stool
  2. Format Lounge Chair
    Format Lounge Chair
  3. Industry West Petal Chair
    Petal Chair
  4. Industry West Totem Armchair
    Totem Armchair
  5. Industry West Hayward Side Table
    Hayward Side Table Medium
  6. Industry West Easton Table
    Easton Table
  7. Easton Bar Table
    Easton Bar Table
  8. San Martin Lounge Chair
    San Martin Lounge Chair
  9. Industry West Amigo Chair
    Amigo Chair
  10. Industry West Carmel Chair
    Carmel Chair
  11. Adelaide Dining Table
    Adelaide Dining Table
  12. Industry West Melt Lounge Chair
    Melt Lounge Chair

46 Items

Set Descending Direction