Mixte Shelf


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Variety is the spice of life when it comes to the debonair Mixte Shelf. Supported by a metal frame, the unit features five shelves, each made from a unique material. The bottom shelf is black fume wood, while the upper shelves are dark grey, green, white and black marble, respectively. A statement piece on its own or filled with books and objets d’art, the Mixte Shelf is a stunning addition to any space. Assembly required.


Mixte Shelf dimensions: 59" Wide x 12.8" Deep x 71" High


Due to the unique material of this marble item we are unable to warranty this product for commercial use. Any incidental damage that may occur to this item through use, will not be warranted for replacements.View full product warranties


Marble is a porous stone and therefore easily absorbs liquids. The extent to which liquids can permeate
marble differs per type and color of the stone. However, because marble is a porous stone and therefore easily absorbs liquids, a protective sealant should be applied before use to protect the marble against grease and dirt.

Since the coat of sealant will wear away over time, we recommend repeating this treatment as needed, according to sealant solution package instructions. Please note that marble should not be exposed to hot objects or acidic liquids. Use coasters and wipe up spills immediately. View All Product Care Information



OVERALL: 59" Wide x 12.8" Deep x 71" High