Pendant Lighting

Shop pendant lighting and hanging lights online at Industry West! We carry a large variety of kitchen, modern and industrial pendant lights to suit every style. Shop now or call 888.867.4202 for more information on our hanging light bulbs, fixtures and suspension lights!

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  1. Pelle Pendant Lamp
    Pelle Pendant Lamp
  2. Cuoio Pendant Lamp
    Cuoio Pendant Lamp
  3. Fauve Pendant Light
    Fauve Pendant Light
  4. Clarity Pendant Lamp
    Clarity Pendant Lamp
  5. Minaret Pendant Lamp
    Minaret Pendant Lamp
  6. Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
    Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
  7. Salt Pendant Lamp
    Salt Pendant Lamp
  8. Arlo Dome Pendant
    Arlo Dome Pendant
  9. Cera Pendant Lamp
    Cera Pendant Lamp
    Regular Price $150 Special Price $95
  10. Porringer Lamp
    Porringer Lamp
  11. Hammered Dome Pendant
    Hammered Dome Pendant
  12. Terrene Drum Pendant
    Terrene Marble Drum Pendant
  13.  (Default)  view  preview
    Terrene Marble Tube Pendant
  14. Industry West Terrene Bullet Pendant
    Terrene Marble Bullet Pendant
  15. Industry West Umbra Pendant
    Umbra Pendant
    Regular Price $90 Special Price $50
  16. Branch Pendant
    Branch Pendant
  17. Industry West Wickle Pendant Light
    Wickle Pendant Lamp
    Regular Price $95 Special Price $50
  18. Mill Top Lamp
    Mill Top Lamp

53 Items

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