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A collection of modern designs to help you be your most productive self as you work from home

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  1. Industry West Penny Lounge Chair
    Penny Lounge Chair
  2. Large Turned Pedestal Bowl
    Large Turned Pedestal Bowl
  3. Industry West Curve Table Lamp
    Curve Table Lamp
  4. Innes Table Lamp
    Innes Table Lamp
  5. Industry West Melange Table Lamp
    Melange Table Lamp
  6. Industry West Wren Corner Sofa
    Wren Corner Sofa
  7. Industry West Wren One Seater Sofa
    Wren One Seater Sofa
  8. Industry West Wren Round Corner Sofa
    Wren Round Corner Sofa
  9. Industry West Wren Two Seater Sofa
    Wren Two Seater Sofa
  10. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair
    Compass Lounge Chair
  11. Industry West Ribbon Shelf
    Ribbon Shelf
  12. Prouve Chair Leather
    Prouve Chair Leather
  13. Industry West Oslo Chair Black Leather
    Oslo Chair
  14. Industry West May Swivel Lounge Chair
    May Swivel Lounge Chair
  15. Loom Sofa Right End Piece
    Loom Sofa Right End Piece
  16. Loom Sofa Ottoman
    Loom Sofa Ottoman
  17. Loom Sofa Mid Piece
    Loom Sofa Mid Piece
  18. Loom Sofa Corner Piece
    Loom Sofa Corner Piece
  19. Loom Sofa Left Angle
    Loom Sofa Left Angle
  20. Loom Sofa Right Angle
    Loom Sofa Right Angle
  21. Loom Sofa Left End Piece
    Loom Sofa Left End Piece
  22. Industry West Ethan Chair
    Ethan Chair
  23. Industry West Keito Chair
    Keito Chair
  24. Industry West Jimmy Cooper Chair
    Jimmy Cooper Chair
  25. Industry West Hew Lounge Chair
    Hew Lounge Chair
  26. Industry West Hemlock Pouf
    Hemlock Pouf
  27. Industry West Hemlock Ottoman
    Hemlock Ottoman
  28. Industry West Hemlock Bench
    Hemlock Bench
  29. Industry West Format Lounge Chair
    Format Lounge Chair