m.a.d. Furniture Collection – Chairs, Stools, Tables & More

Fresh, innovative and contemporary: m.a.d. furniture is 'developed without compromise.' Some offerings from m.a.d. furniture include chairs, tables, and stools that would complement any home or office space. This line offered by Industry West includes the Sling Chair, which is a stackable, moulded plywood chair with epoxy coated steel legs; and the Transit Collection, which approaches minimalism with grace and ease. All of the m.a.d. products offer a fresh, innovative, design constructed to endure the most high traffic environments.

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  1. Trace Chair Leather
    Trace Chair Leather
  2. Trace Bar Stool Leather
    Trace Bar Stool Leather
  3. Fullerton Chair
    Fullerton Chair
  4. Roto Bar Stool
    Roto Bar Stool
  5. Industry West Sling Counter Stool
    Sling Counter Stool
  6. Axle Lounge Chair
    Axle Lounge Chair
  7. Terrazzo Coffee Table
    Terrazzo Coffee Table
  8. Sling Counter Stool Leather
    Sling Counter Stool Leather
  9. Industry West Sling Chair Leather
    Sling Chair Leather
  10. Industry West Scoop Chair
    Scoop Chair
  11. Ally Chair
    Ally Chair
  12. Trace Counter Stool Leather
    Trace Counter Stool Leather
  13. Lolli Bar Stool
    Lolli Bar Stool
  14. Terrazzo Side Table
    Terrazzo Side Table
  15. Lolli Chair
    Lolli Chair
  16. Delta Bar Stool
    Delta Bar Stool
  17. Industry West Trace Chair
    Trace Chair
  18. Sling Chair
    Sling Chair
  19. Roto Counter Stool
    Roto Counter Stool
  20. Roto Table Stool
    Roto Table Stool
  21. Ally Table
    Ally Table
  22. Duet Chair
    Duet Chair
  23. Industry West Sling Bar Stool
    Sling Bar Stool
  24. Delta Counter Stool
    Delta Counter Stool
  25. Cobble Chair
    Cobble Chair
  26. Industry West Transit Chair
    Transit Chair
  27. Circa Lounge Chair
    Circa Lounge Chair
  28. Sling Bar Stool Leather
    Sling Bar Stool Leather

53 Items

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