Ethnicraft Furniture Collection

Industry West has the pleasure of being of the hand full of American Retailers to carry the beautiful Belgium collection of furniture from Ethnicraft. Make a style statement with Ethnicraft's oak Mikado Collection or discover their Nordic collection, which is a stunning combination of refined design and the pure beauty of solid wood. From Ethnicraft’s selection of tables to bed frames, every piece is designed to celebrate the minimalism and warmth of the wood’s natural color. The best part about the Ethnicraft furniture line is the blend of quality, simplicity, and above all, functionality. 

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  1. M Rack
    M Rack
  2. Spindle Bench
    Spindle Bench
  3. Tripod Coffee Table
    Tripod Coffee Table
  4. Bok Chair
    Bok Chair
  5. Industry West Tripod Side Table
    Tripod Side Table
  6. N701 Three Seater Sofa
    N701 Three Seater Sofa
  7. Spindle Nightstand
    Spindle Nightstand
  8. Bok Side Table
    Bok Side Table
  9. Industry West Naomi Side Table
    Naomi Side Table
  10. Geometric Side Tables
    Geometric Side Tables
  11. Facette Dining Chair
    Facette Dining Chair
  12. Universo Positivo Monolit Side Table Industry West
    Monolit Side Table
  13. DC Dining Chair
    DC Dining Chair
  14. Billy Box
    Billy Box

81 Items

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