Industrial & Modern Chairs For Your Home And Office

Chairs provide an unacknowledged welcome. Without saying a word, they invite guests and colleagues into a room to sit, relax and work. They convey the room's tone and intent through purposeful design and placement.

156 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Tulum Lounge Chair
    Tulum Lounge Chair
  2. Industry West May Swivel Lounge Chair
    May Swivel Lounge Chair
  3. Industry West Kangaroo Lounge Chair
    Kangaroo Lounge Chair
  4. Industry West Cane High Back Bench
    Cane High Back Bench
  5. Industry West Cane Bench
    Cane Bench
  6. Industry West Hemlock Ottoman
    Hemlock Ottoman
  7. Industry West Hemlock Bench
    Hemlock Bench
  8. Industry West Hemlock Pouf
    Hemlock Pouf
  9. Parliament Bench
    Parliament Bench
  10. Colony Ottoman Large
    Colony Ottoman Large
  11. Colony Ottoman
    Colony Ottoman Small
  12. Marais Armchair with A Wood Seat
    Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
  13. Industry West Marais Armchair Gunmental
    Marais Armchair
  14. Flanders Chair
    Flanders Chair
  15. Industry West Public Chair With Wood Seat
    Public Chair
  16. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair Wood
    Compass Lounge Chair Wood
  17. Industry West Melbourne Lounge Chair
    Melbourne Lounge Chair
  18. Industry West Melt Rocking Chair
    Melt Rocking Chair
  19. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair
    Compass Lounge Chair
  20. Industry West Format Lounge Chair
    Format Lounge Chair
  21. San Martin Lounge Chair
    San Martin Lounge Chair
  22. Industry West Melt Lounge Chair
    Melt Lounge Chair
  23. Industry West Penny Lounge Chair
    Penny Lounge Chair
  24.  Industry West Penelope Chair 117 Dark Blue
    Penelope Chair
  25. Industry West Finland Lounge Chair
    Finland Lounge Chair
  26. Industry West Sinclair Armchair
    Sinclair Armchair
  27. Industry West Alyson Lounge Chair
    Alyson Lounge Chair
  28. Industry West Olsen Chair
    Olsen Chair
  29. Industry West Hem Lounge Chair
    Hem Lounge Chair
  30. Industry West Hew Lounge Chair
    Hew Lounge Chair
  31. Industry West Outo Lounge Chair
    Outo Lounge Chair
  32. Clive Chair
    Clive Chair
  33. Industry West Morgan Chair
    Morgan Chair
  34. Velvet Lounge Chair: Unique Modern Velvet Lotus Lounge Chairs
    Lotus Lounge Chair
  35. Industry West Hero Lounge Chair
    Hero Lounge Chair
  36. Channel Chair
    Channel Chair
  37. McQueen Club Chair
    McQueen Club Chair
  38. White Stellar Chair: Stackable Monoblock Plastic Simple School Chair
    Stellar Chair
  39. Prouve Chair Leather
    Prouve Chair Leather
  40. Circuit Side Chair
    Circuit Side Chair
    Regular Price $255 Special Price $242
  41. Industry West JOI Twentyfour Chair
    JOI Twentyfour Chair
  42. Industry West Octane Chair
    Octane Chair
  43. Monaco Side Chair
    Monaco Side Chair
  44. Industry West Marais AC Chair
    Marais AC Chair
  45. Industry West Marais A Side Chair
    Marais A Side Chair
  46. Industry West Habitus Chair with Wood Seat
    Habitus Chair
  47. Industry West Holi Side Chair
    Holi Side Chair
  48. Prouve Chair: Jean Prouve Standard Style Dining Chairs For Sale
    Prouve Standard Chair
  49. Industry West Carlos Chair
    Carlos Chair
  50. Industry West Canary Dining Chair
    Canary Dining Chair
  51. Industry West Savoy Dining Chair
    Savoy Dining Chair
  52. Industry West Cane Dining Chair
    Cane Dining Chair
  53. Industry West Spence Chair
    Spence Chair
  54. Suzy Side Chair
    Suzy Side Chair
  55. Industry West Lucy Side Chair in Aluminum
    Lucy Side Chair
  56. Industry West Sable Armchair
    Sable Armchair
  57. Industry West Bayley Armchair
    Bayley Armchair