Modern Aluminum Benches & Wood Benches

For those who can appreciate simple yet elegant design, nothing compares to the classic look of an industrial style bench. Stripped away to leave a piece that looks as good as it is inviting, a solid bench can be a perfect way to add more seating to a finite space. Available styles include modern, aluminum benches to rustic, indoor, wooden benches made from reclaimed wood. Our selection has a bench to match your style.

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  1. Spindle Bench
    Spindle Bench
  2. Hemlock Bench
    Hemlock Bench
  3. Hemlock Ottoman
    Hemlock Ottoman
  4. Hemlock Pouf
    Hemlock Pouf
  5. Monet Foot Stool
    Monet Foot Stool
  6. Industry West Cane Bench
    Cane Bench
  7. Stride Bench
    Stride Bench
  8. Alba Bench
    Alba Bench

18 Items

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