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quick ship itemsquick ship items

Shop our selection of quick ship items!

In a pinch and need chairs or stools fast? All of our quick ship items arrive within 7-10 business days.
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210 Items

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  1. Monaco Counter Chair
    Monaco Counter Chair
  2. Industry West Abode Bar Stool
    Abode Bar Stool
  3. Industry West Abode Bar Stool with a Leather Seat
    Abode Bar Stool with a Leather Seat
  4. Industry West Abode Bar Stool with a Wood Seat
    Abode Bar Stool with a Wood Seat
  5. Industry West Abode Counter Stool
    Abode Counter Stool
  6. Industry West Abode Counter Stool with a Wood Seat
    Abode Counter Stool with a Wood Seat
  7. Alchemy Bar Stool
    Alchemy Bar Stool
  8. Barcelona Wall Hanging
    Barcelona Wall Hanging
  9. Baxter Pendant
    Baxter Pendant
  10. Industry West Bayley Armchair
    Bayley Armchair
  11. Industry West Bell Bar Stool
    Bell Bar Stool
  12. Industry West Bell Chair
    Bell Chair
  13. Industry West Bell Counter Stool
    Bell Counter Stool
  14. Berlin Table
    Berlin Table
  15. Industry West Brooklyn Bar Stool
    Brooklyn Bar Stool
  16. Industry West Cane 02 Dining Chair
    Cane 02 Dining Chair
  17. Industry West Cane Bar Stool
    Cane Bar Stool
  18. Industry West Cane Bench
    Cane Bench
  19. Industry West Cane Counter Stool
    Cane Counter Stool
  20. Industry West Cane Dining Chair
    Cane Dining Chair
  21. Industry West Cane Floor Lamp
    Cane Floor Lamp
  22. Industry West Cane High Back Bench
    Cane High Back Bench
  23. Industry West Cane Queen Bed
    Cane King Bed
  24. Industry West Cane Lounge Chair
    Cane Lounge Chair
  25. Industry West Cane Nightstand
    Cane Nightstand
  26. Cane Queen Bed
    Cane Queen Bed
  27. Industry West Cane Sideboard
    Cane Sideboard
  28. Industry West Cane Sofa
    Cane Sofa
  29. Industry West Cane Twin Bed
    Cane Twin Bed
  30. Industry West Cane Wardrobe
    Cane Wardrobe
  31. Industry West Catch Coffee Table
    Catch Coffee Table Small
  32. Industry West Clive Bar Stool
    Clive Bar Stool
  33. Compass Armchair Black Ash Black Rattan
    Compass Armchair
  34. Industry West Compass Armchair Bar Stool
    Compass Armchair Bar Stool
  35. Industry West Compass Armchair Counter Stool
    Compass Armchair Counter Stool
  36. Compass Armchair Upholstered
    Compass Armchair Upholstered
  37. Industry West Compass Bar Stool
    Compass Bar Stool
  38. Compass Chair
    Compass Chair
  39. Industry West Compass Counter Stool
    Compass Counter Stool
  40. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair
    Compass Lounge Chair
  41. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair Wood
    Compass Lounge Chair Wood
  42. Flanders Chair
    Flanders Chair
  43. Industry West Geo Lounge Chair
    Geo Lounge Chair
  44. Commercial and Industrial Bar Stool - Mid Century Modern Bar Stools - Pub Stool - Metal Stools
    Habitus Bar Stool
  45. Industry West Habitus Chair with Wood Seat
    Habitus Chair
  46. Heath Raster Lamp
    Heath Raster Lamp
  47. Industry West Hem Lounge Chair
    Hem Lounge Chair
  48. Hem Sofa
    Hem Sofa
  49. Industry West Hemlock Bench
    Hemlock Bench
  50. Industry West Hemlock Ottoman
    Hemlock Ottoman
  51. Industry West Hemlock Pouf
    Hemlock Pouf
  52. Industry West Hero Lounge Chair
    Hero Lounge Chair
  53. Industry West JOI Twentyfour Chair
    JOI Twentyfour Chair
  54. Industry West Keito Chair
    Keito Chair