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In a pinch and need chairs or stools fast? All of our Quick Ship items arrive within 7-10 days! Not enough of a particular item in stock for your project? Please contact us and we can help with lead times too!

quick ship itemsquick ship items

Shop our selection of quick ship items!

In a pinch and need chairs or stools fast? All of our quick ship items arrive within 7-10 business days.
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  1. Industry West Lucy Side Chair in Aluminum
    Lucy Side Chair
  2. Industry West Lucy Bar Stool
    Lucy Bar Stool
  3. Suzy Side Chair
    Suzy Side Chair
  4. Industry West Punch Chair
    Punch Chair
  5. Industry West Lucy Counter Stool
    Lucy Counter Stool
  6. Industry West Punch Bar Stool
    Punch Bar Stool
  7. Industry West Petal Chair
    Petal Chair
  8. Industry West Totem Armchair
    Totem Armchair
  9. Industry West Stacker Bar Stool
    Stacker Bar Stool
  10. Format Lounge Chair
    Format Lounge Chair
  11. Industry West Cadrea Bar Stool
    Cadrea Bar Stool
  12. Platform Chair
    Platform Chair
  13. Industry West Cadrea Chair
    Cadrea Chair
  14. Industry West Zip Chair
    Zip Chair
  15. Industry West Octane Chair
    Octane Chair
  16. Sydney Dining Chair
    Sydney Dining Chair
  17. Cadrea Counter Stool
    Cadrea Counter Stool
  18. Industry West Octane Bar Stool
    Octane Bar Stool
  19. Industry West Rimrow Chair
    Rimrow Chair
  20. San Martin Lounge Chair
    San Martin Lounge Chair
  21. Industry West Rimrow Bar Stool
    Rimrow Bar Stool
  22. Float Chair
    Float Chair
  23. Industry West Aria Lounge Chair
    Aria Lounge Chair
  24. Industry West Platform Bar Stool
    Platform Bar Stool
  25. Penny Lounge Chair
    Penny Lounge Chair
  26. Octane Counter Stool
    Octane Counter Stool
  27. Industry West Toou JOI Chair
    JOI Twenty Chair
  28. Fullerton Chair
    Fullerton Chair
  29. Industry West Scoop Chair
    Scoop Chair
  30. Industry West Estate Dining Chair
    Estate Dining Chair
  31. Industry West Bayley Armchair
    Bayley Armchair
  32. Industry West Stellar Chair
    Stellar Chair
  33. Duet Chair
    Duet Chair
  34. Prouve Chair Leather
    Prouve Chair Leather
  35. Industry West Sling Chair Leather
    Sling Chair Leather
  36. Industry West Marais A Side Chair
    Marais A Side Chair
  37. Malena Armchair
    Malena Armchair
  38. Industry West McQueen Club Chair
    McQueen Club Chair
  39. Industry West Sable Armchair
    Sable Armchair
  40. Industry West Transit Chair
    Transit Chair
  41. Lolli Chair
    Lolli Chair
  42. Prouve Chair: Jean Prouve Standard Style Dining Chairs For Sale
    Prouve Standard Chair
  43. Public Chair
    Public Chair

62 Items

Set Descending Direction